3.11.2012 Baltic Waves @ EKKM



BALTIC WAVES 2012 >>> Reede, 2.11 + Laupäev, 3.11 @ EKKM

#Reede, 2. november @EKKM / 21:00
Baltic Waves Club 2.1:
Id Rev (EST),
Mackaper (SWE),
Stūrī Zēvele (LAT).

#Laupäev, 3. november @EKKM / 21:00
Baltic Waves Club 2.2:
Kreatiivmootor (EST),
Snöleoparden (DEN),

1-päeva pilet – 5€
2-päeva pilet – 7€

Baltic Waves 2012 on tegelikult viie bändi tuur läbi viie riigi. Need viis bändi on Id Rev (EST), Mackaper (SWE), Snöleoparden (DEN), ÖÖÖÖÖÖ (FIN) ja Stūrī Zēvele (LAT). Tuur kestab 1.–11. novembrini ja peatub järgmistes linnades: Riia, Tallinn, Helsingi, Turu, Stockholm, Göteborg, Kopenhaagen. Igas linnas toimuvad kontserdid kahel järjestikusel õhtul koos kohalike sõpradega. Tallinna kontserte võõrustab võimas EKKM.

Baltic Waves is a five-band five-country tour introducing top indie and underground artist to new audiences in neighbouring countries. The bands included are Stūrī Zēvele (LAT), Id Rev (EST), ÖÖÖÖÖ (FIN), Mackaper (SWE), and Snöleoparden (DEN). The tour last from 1st to 11th of November traveling to the following cities: Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen. In each city the tour will host one or two nights of live music including the touring bands plus local guests.

Id Rev, one of the most outstanding among the Estonian-singing indie bands, was founded back in 1995 as Idiootsuse Revolutsioon (Revolution of Idiocy). Then a romantic punk band, their style has gone through quite a few changes, touching on indie rock and post-rock on the way, and has by now reached the point where one needs new terms to describe their sound.
In late 2009 Id Rev released their third proper album Kuhu kadus joie de vivre? , which was recorded and mixed during four years both in Estonia and Finland. Their current sound mixes the best parts of guitar-pop, electronica and post-rock with the unique, nicely naive vocal style.

Friends Macka and Per from Stockholm started as a duo of two organs and a drum machine reaching cult status by performing in the city’s various underground clubs. After a couple of years of live experience they had enough material to produce an album: When All is Sad and Dawn (2010). By this time the group had grown more organic with the addition of drums, bass, and a baritone guitar. The album was very well received in the Swedish rock media: e.g. Sweden’s leading music magazine Sonic call it a masterpiece. Since the album, Mackaper have performed frequently in their home country’s biggest marginal music festivals and clubs.

Stūrī Zēvele come from the tiny city of Kuldiga, one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Latvia rich in culture. They started in 2006 as a duo of guitarist Klavs and flutist Justine. Later joined by vocalist Kate and keyboardist Ilze they began to perform as a quartet. Stūrī Zēvele make warm and down-to-earth pop music with acoustic guitars, a flute, a synthesizer and four vocals. So far they have released 3 ep’s and produced charming music videos filmed in such unconventional places as a fountain, and an elevator.

SNÖLEOPARDEN (Rump Recordings, DEN)
Snöleoparden – the snowleopard is multi-instrumentalist Jonas Stampe’s alter-ego. Stampe, who has among other things studied sitar under Ravi Shankar, uses mostly homemade instruments, reel-to-reel tape recorders and guitar pedals to create his music. Snöleoparden´s sound comprises such different elements as psych folk, world music, Steve Reich-like minimalism, Pakistani folk songs, childrens pop songs, ritual/ceremonial music, electronica & psychedelic rock.
Snöleoparden’s drummer Henning Frimann Larsen has been active in the Danish underground scene since the early 1980s playing an impressively wide range of instruments, many of which he has built himself. He has released solo albums and performed with his experimental jazz/folk/world music band Global Guaranty Orchestra who have released four full-length albums.

Ö was formed in Helsinki in 2010. Members have been active in a number of other Helsinki underground outfits. Ö’s approach to music is not genre specific but rather combines various elements such as classical minimalism, free improvisation and polyrhythms.
The key idea is to produce overlapping, roughly synchronized layers of music and rhythm constituting a complex web of simultaneuos sounds, melodies, and fragments. Ö have also collaborated with media artists, dancers, and the theater. Ö’s debut album will be released by 267 Lattajjaa Records in October 2012.


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