Soe tuust mürtsub


Ilmus uus video loole “Soe tuust mürtsub”. Video autoriks on noor itaalia filmilavastaja Enrico Barone ja videos teevad kaasa nii ansambli liikmed, sadistmasinist kui ka puuriloomad ja -linnud. Kreatiivmootor esineb Tallinn Music Weekil 28. märtsil kl 18 linnalaval Jaani Seegis ja 29. märtsil kl 1.30 Von Krahli teatri baaris alafestivalil Hea Uus Heli (HUH) esitleb.

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    – noah has the best and cutest face expressions. i love it! and btw i DO read ur entries. they’re actually very interesting. your a funny funny guy tommy. can you tell staci that i miss her? and give her a hug for me?

    03/28/14 – 12:45 am

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    It’s good to see someone thinking it through.

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    Hei! SÅ fint teppet ble! Dette blir de nok glad for ja. Og ekstra stas når det er lagt tid og kjærlighet i arbeidet! :-)) Synes badet deres er kjempefint jeg! Men som du sier kommer det til å bli ENDA bedre med den hvite skjenken!!! God natt til deg, klem Siri

    03/28/14 – 6:32 am

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    I know! Furthermore, that’s illegal in Norway. Sending a kid to their room (or bathroom, or where-ever) is considered psychological abuse. Although, I think it’s ok if you remove the door, or replace with a screen door.

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