Kreatiivmootor were brought into existence in 2003 in Tallinn by philosopher Roomet Jakapi and lawyer Allan Plekksepp, who had an intent to make music without genre or scene constraints. Their early recordings, published on two demo CD-Rs in 2005, received considerable attention and approval from local music critics and radio DJs. A track called “Irratsionaalne” which features ecstatic jabbering of the singer Roomet, guitar riffs from Allan, and electronic supplements from a new band member Eerik Hanni became a kind of underground hit in Estonia. Years later the same track appeared on the compilation “Estonian Music Now 2011” released by Red Orange and distributued with The Wire magazine. The first album of Kreatiivmootor, also called “Irratsionaalne”, was released by a small Estonian label Odessa Records in 2007. Critics approved the album for its eccentric experimentalism and used various catchy labels such as “dada pop” and “weird shit” to describe it. In 2008, Kreatiivmootor expanded to become an octet. The band has since been using a large variety of instruments to deliver their manifold message: computer programs, live electronics, keyboards, vocals, guitars, bass, sax, percussion, drums and video. Kreatiivmootor issued their second album “Kaleidoskoop” in 2010. The album offers a twisted musical journey in a psychedelic pop mode. After a successful show at Tallinn Music Week 2011, they performed at several showcase and other festivals abroad, to wit, Waves Vienna, Popkomm, Iceland Airwaves, Positivus in Latvia, Brainlove Festival in the UK and SKIF in Russia. The music of Kreatiivmootor has become more polished and complex but no less diverse and experimental. Accordingly, new labels from critics, such as “art-kraut-jazz-techno-improv” and “electro-funk dada-ist experimental happening”, have emerged in response to their rapturous shows and perplexing creations. In 2016 Kreatiivmootor released their third album “Algne sülg esitab”. Kreatiivmootor’s third release takes a sharp turn and offers a 7-part quasi-improvisational suite in experimental industrial and quirky noise rock vein. Instrumental performances follow a pre-programmed, but variable sequence of beats, glitches and harmonic themes. The original performance was recorded in 2012 in Tallinn during a radio concert Areaal LIVE (Klassikaraadio, ERR).