“Estonia’s paced up experimentalist’s Kreatiivmootor, back on their own turf after a year-round trip of
European showcases following an excellent show at last year’s TMW, again delivered a fully cranked
up and frenetic live performance deserved of their hot ticket status.”
AP Childs, S4M 2012
“Estonia’s excellent Kreatiivmootor boast a singer who might need exorcising from the spirits of Iggy
Stooge, Neu’s Klaus Dinger and the Muppets.”
Stuart Gadd, Artrocker 2012
“…the astounding, perplexing Kreatiivmootor, whose constantly-moving frontman is like a glamorous
toddler singing in an invented language, a rock ‘n’ roll tongues.”
Amy Liptrot, Clash 2012
“The best is saved till last. From Tallinn, Estonia, Kreatiivmootor are a band like no other. Their shrieking, babbling shaman of a frontman Roomet Jakapi (also a professor of philosophy) utterly smashes speech and language through his pedal array, uttering a crazed lexicon of sounds and syllables in a hyper-communicative language all of his own. The five-piece band smash music around him accordingly, breaking it down into beeping, drilling, oscillating sonic non-sequitors that grapple and flail in a compulsively weird whirlwind before congealing into a pounding, danceable racket. Half the audience giggle in stunned confusion, the other half rapt, rolling in the shards of sound, sweating and grinning at these joyful, brilliant lunatics who’ve taken over the asylum. This kind of brazen invention is a far cry from the woefully insipid opening act – Kreatiivmootor are the stuff legendary Airwaves performances are made of.”
John Rogers, Grapevine Airwaves 2011
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